12 Volt LED Lights

12 Volt LED Lights

Your RV Doctor offers 12 volt LED Lights

12 volt led lightsImprove and enhance your RV lifestyle atmosphere by converting to LED light bulbs. You will be able to control brightness and save energy as well. We offer 12 volt LED bulbs for Marine/Boat/RV applications.

) that give you lots of choices, so you can adjust the atmosphere in your RV to your liking. You can have bright lights where you need them most, and subtle lights in other spots to create a much more pleasing atmosphere.

These are dimmable 12 volt LED light bulbs, so you can really be a perfectionist. Replacement 12 volt LED bulbs let you save power by simply changing out your bulbs. When you replace your 12 volt light bulbs with 12 volt LED light bulbs you not only save a lot of energy, you also reduce heat in your RV.

12 volt LEDs can also save a lot of stress on your battery, as LEDs typically use at least 80% less energy than a filament bulb for the same lumens (amount of light output). LED bulbs range from as low as 15 lumens to as high as 425 lumens.  On most products they offer comparisons to filament bulbs to help you specify the right replacement LED bulbs for you.

Features and benefits:

  •     LED Lights typically use as little as 20% of the energy for the same light output. A real life example is here: 12 volt LED Lights vs 12 volt Halogen lights
  •     LED Lights reduce heat
  •     LED Lights tolerate a wide range of temperatures
  •     LED Lights are resistant to vibration
  •     LED Lights have a long life span
  •     LED Lights do not emit UV, so do not degrade artwork or fabrics
  •     LED Lights sustain their light output better. Halogen, xenon and especially incandescent lights can lose 50% of their brightness quite rapidly (the light bulbs blacken with use), so a fair comparison of a filament bulb can be to use half of it’s lumens rating when comparing to the lumens output of an LED bulb.

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